With the first cacao trees planted in 2013, Zaguate Chocolate began at the crossroads of opportunity and passion.  Owners Kent Nelson and Robert Hunter realized that the growing conditions on their Costa Rica farm are perfect for growing a variety of heirloom cacao. 

This provided the opportunity to combine excellent terroir with the owners’ passions for ecosystem protection, permaculture farming, and great chocolate. 


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In Costa Rica “zaguate” is a term of endearment for feisty street dogs that have an innate ability to survive and thrive in spite of obstacles they may face.  Zaguates are loyal, cautious, dedicated, smart and loving.  Every Costa Rican has a soft spot in their hearts for their local zaguates.





the cacao beans are cultivated, harvested and transformed into premium dark chocolate bars.  Control of the process never leaves the caring hands of the owners. 

With the care given to every step of the chocolate process, you’ll be surprised and pleased by what a small-batch chocolate maker can create. Attention to the detail of each step of production enables Zaguate Chocolate to capture the subtle flavor nuances that makes heirloom chocolate incredibly special.


The farm is located in the Rio Parrita Valley, an emerging region of premium cacao production along the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. 



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