The Rich Flavors of Alazan

Five years ago Rob realized that the land surrounding the Lot 2 house was perfect for growing premium cacao.  The land has perfect eastern sun exposure, optimal elevation, and well drained soils.  So Rob set out to develop a cacao orchard with the best genetic stock he could find.  Thus began the search for the holy grail of cacao seedlings and viable seeds from which he could germinate and plant.


Now in the ground for 2-5 years, the combination of local “matina”, rose bean, and white bean cacao trees is interspersed with disease resistant “clones” developed by CATIE (Centre Agronomico Tropical de Investigacion y Ensenanza).  The field blend of cacao types produces a delicious, smooth, richly flavored dark chocolate.  Most of you had the opportunity to try this chocolate at the recent Alazan HOA community dinner in June.  And for those of you who weren’t able to make the annual HOA meeting, on your next visit to Alazan please arrange with Juliet Davey an educational tour of the cacao orchard and learn the process of chocolate making.  It is amazing what a fine art chocolate-making is, similar to the making of fine wines.

We are lucky to have Juliet living at Alazan to collaborate on chocolate education and production, and provide general support for home rentals.  Juliet, otherwise known as Mama Cacao, has a wealth of experience in chocolate and will delight your tastebuds with her amazing truffles.


We wish Rob and Kent the best of luck in their chocolate venture!