We are lucky to have Juliet Davey living at Alazan collaborating on chocolate education and production, and providing support for home rentals. Juliet, otherwise known as Mama Cacao, has a wealth of experience in chocolate and will delight your tastebuds with her amazing chocolate bars & truffles.

Mama Cacao, Juliet.

Mama Cacao, Juliet.

mama cacao

Juliet started making chocolate in Costa Rica in 2009 and creates small-batches of fine chocolate bars and artisanal chocolate treats from the bean.  She goes under the brand name of Mama Cacao chocolate and offers chocolate-making workshops at Finca Alazan and throughout the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica. We connected with her through the Salon de Cacao - a small festival she organises celebrating the cacao and chocolate of this same region and invited her to live within our community. She moved here in May of last year and is delighted to be living by our cacao orchards. She loves getting involved in the fermentation process and working with the superior, award-winning beans grown here.  As Finca Alazan’s on-site cacao specialist, Juliet leads educational tours of the cacao orchard.  She is currently working on bringing exceptional educators and retreats to the Finca Alazan Event Center.

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Multi-use Event Center

Multi-use Event Center

Finca Alazan Opens New Multi-Use Event Center

Our new, boutique event and education center is now open!

This center was the brainchild of Rob and Kent of Zaguate Chocolate and Juliet Davey - founder of Mama Cacao Chocolate who combine forces to offer unique cacao and chocolate educational experiences set against the pristine backdrop of a working cacao farm, jungle-clad hills and the river Parrita. Both experienced and novice chocolate enthusiasts will find exciting and informative curricula surrounding the world of chocolate.  Classes are easily tailored to individual needs.  The space boasts a well-equipped, professional kitchen, a pop-up restaurant, a dedicated yoga space and classroom facilities. In addition to chocolate related events, the Event Center is ideal for visiting workshops and retreat groups specialising in culinary experiences, yoga, meditation, bird watching, holistic health, commitment ceremonies, and much more. 

Comfortable overnight accommodations are available on-site within the grounds of the 100-acre Alazan Community for workshop participants in multi-day events.

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Sabana, San José, Costa Rica

Sabana, San José, Costa Rica


The Mesoamerican Biodiversity-Friendly Cacao Awards.

Wooohooo!!!  The cacao beans grown at Finca Alazan scored 5th place in the November 2018 Mesoamerican Biodiversity-Friendly Cacao Awards.  Participating cacao producers’ beans were subject to rigorous evaluation and panel judging in Mexico City, Mexico.   The Awards recognize fine flavor in cacao coming from farms in 10 Central American countries that apply biodiversity-friendly practices in cacao cultivation.   Countries spanned  Mexico to Columbia, including Dominican Republic.

International Chocolate Awards, Central America Competition.

Zaguate Chocolate submitted dark chocolate bars to the International Chocolate Awards, Central America, held December 1 – 5 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Although our chocolate did not win a medal, we placed as a “Grand Jury Finalists”. We consider this to be an accomplishment for a young company that began making chocolate in March of 2018.