Farm to Bar

Cacao Bean

Cacao Bean


the vast majority of the world’s chocolate…

Is manufactured by companies that are located far from the origin of the raw cacao.  In fact, most chocolate makers never even meet the distant farmers who grow and ferment the cacao beans.  This disconnect leaves chocolate makers vulnerable to inconsistencies or poor techniques in farming practices, fermentation processes, and storage and shipping challenges.  The flavors of the final chocolate can be disappointing and with few options for corrective action. 


As a farm to bar chocolate maker, Zaguate Chocolate manages every step of the process from cultivation to field harvest to fermentation to roasting to producing the final dark chocolate bars.  This marriage of the cacao farm to chocolate production process enables an intimate “knowing” of the beans that would otherwise be lost between a cacao grower and a chocolate maker.  Each step of the process can be managed and adjusted to yield dark chocolate with amazing flavors and excellent quality.